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I am an experienced interior architect and environmental psychology practitioner, I foster a holistic approach to space creation. I am strong in creating living, breathing and supportive spaces where my clients can feel healthy, grow and thrive, build harmonious relationships and feel inspired.

I personally participate in the whole interior creation process: I professionally consult and prepare interior design projects for residential and commercial spaces, and lead their supervision from conception to successful completion. If you are planning to install a new space or renovate the old one, I am ready to help you to transform your vision into a harmonious and stylish result. I am developing aesthetic interior design projects for residential and commercial spaces, and I also consult. I can offer services to the owners of various spaces and real estate developers.

  • A single professional CONSULTATION in your space that will advise you on all aspects of interior design, psychology and energy (principles of classical feng shui). Price 60€/1hr. and 100€/2hrs. (on-line) or from 80€/hr. and 120€/2hrs. (I arrive at your place) 


  • CHOOSING the right PREMISES for a home, office or commercial activity that will be most favorable to meeting the expectations and goals of future hosts (based on feng shui principles). We choose from 3-6 default options. Price from 300€


  • The FENG SHUI PROJECT. This is an audit of the energy state of a space according to the principles of classical feng shui and recommendations for a new project, reconstruction or alteration (be it a plot plan, a building or a separate space). The recommendations will be reflected in the sketched plans. Price from 300€


  • HOLISTIC INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT of various scopes from concept to full implementation (incorporating feng shui principles). It will be an aesthetic, stylish space that will be filled with health, abundance and inspiration (project descriptions of different scopes below). Full project cost from 60€/sq.m

​* the cost of the project depends on the area of the space and the complexity of the project

** about the stages of the project see below

Project steps: how does it work?

Step 1 TASK FORMATION. This is the first meeting with the builder and/or homeowner to talk about his goals in the newly created or renovated space. We will discuss in detail all needs, planned activities, priorities and values to be integrated in this space, And also budget, timelines and the expectations for the interior designer. We discuss the scope and conditions of the project. I perform detailed measurements on the object and collect other necessary information.

Step 2 ENERGIC STRATEGY FORMATION WITH FENG SHUI METHODS. This part of the project reduces many risks. Since Feng Shui became popularized, superstitious and lost its true meaning, many ignore this part.

Step 3 CONCEPT. Summarizing the ideas and formation of a unique style. It is decided which colours, materials, textures and patterns reflect best the individuality and values of the hosts of the space. Presented by analogs, stylistic collages (mood board), 3D visualizations.

Step 4 MAIN DETAILED DRAWINGS that reflect conceptual solutions.

  • Furniture layout plans
  • Electrical sources and lighting plans

Stage 5 OTHER DETAILED TECHNICAL DRAWINGS. All drawings that builders and manufacturers require.

  • Partitions plans
  • Sanitary appliances plan
  • Doors scheme​s and door opening direction plans
  • Floor coverings plans with quantities calculation
  • Colour plans with quantities calculation
  • Ceiling plans with ceiling details schemes and alignment ​with ventilation plans
  • Accent walls evolvement​​s
  • Tiling ​plans
  • Fireplaces and stairs schemes
  • Kitchen and other solid manufactured furniture scheme​s​

Step 6 FURNITURE MATERIALS AND FURNITURE SELECTION in accordance with the intended interior style and budget (you can save up to 15% purchasing at my partners salons for interior materials, furniture and interior accessories), assisting in ordering, sending and receiving goods:

  • Floor, wall and ceiling finishing materials selection with quantities calculation
  • Doors, door casing and plinths
  • Sanitary appliances and tiles
  • Luminaires and other lighting elements, sockets, switches
  • Solid and upholstered furniture
  • Curtains and other home textile

Step 7 PROJECT AUTHOR’S SUPERVISION: Visiting the object and verifying installation to be performed according to the planned drawings, meeting with the client and / or the executor and builders, manufacturers, solving issues emerging in the process (until the completion of the interior installation).

Step 8 DECORATION / UPDATE: This is final aesthetic interior touches by choosing home textiles, accessories and decorative elements such us paintings, frames, sculptures, vases, office supplies and similar interior items.

holistic approach

environmental psychology

The goal of Feng Shui is to enrich the quality of life by harmoniously enhancing the potential of the space and its coherent relationship with its host. The master of Feng Shui does this through the perception of deep nature principles. The space is balanced in such a way that life in it will spread. There is a supportive atmosphere in such space, it is good to stay here, easy to communicate and to thrive in health and well-being.

Today the subtle level of space design – Feng Shui – is not only used by private space owners, but also by powerful and forward-thinking organizations (United Nations, Virgin Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Wynn Resorts, etc.). They value it as business investment for profit growth, gain a competitive edge and bring together a united team.

In developing a harmonious spatial strategy, I rely on time-tested methods of the classical Feng Shui system: three harmonies (San He) and three periods (San Yuan). Let me be your guide to discover your own space solutions that will allow you to fulfil the most favourable opportunities for you to realize your aspirations.

What is the scope of the consultation?

Consultation can vary from general advises, guidelines (one-meeting consultation) to deep analysis and complex space solutions (two-meeting consultation) tailored for space owners (family members or company leaders and employees). This is the strategic layout of the premises, the layout of furniture and equipment, the selection of colors, textures and shapes.

When is it worth to involve a Feng Shui specialist?
  • preparing to purchase or sale various real estate properties (land-plots, houses, apartments, commercial premises)
  • planning new construction, installation, reconstruction, extension or renovation of various types of real estate
  • planning to install a water object (pool, pond, fountain, aquarium) or fire object (fireplace, stove)
  • want minimal changes or renewal in your space (home or office), because you do not feel well in it

It is preferable to involve Feng Shui specialist from the very early stages of planning, when a strategic part is prepared. This contribution can be most productive by taking advantage of the most favorable spatial positions and taking measures to reduce the impact of adverse impacts.

How can Feng Shui help you?
  • you seek to create a healing environment at home and want to improve your and family’s health and sleep
  • you want to succeed in learning, improving and discovering your path
  • you want to create a harmonious family and have children
  • you are lacking completeness in romantic relationships
  • you feel emotional stagnation and are passive, so you want to achieve inspiration and joy
  • you seek career progress, higher income and higher self-esteem
  • you start a business and you need a new supporting space
  • you want to attract opportunities for your business to grow and thrive
  • you seek to gather a loyal team and reliable business partners together
Working with architects

Since I myself am an architect and interior designer, I fully understand the specifics of this work. So it’s easy for me to work in a team. I’m happy to collaborate on behalf of the client and flexibly apply the concept of Feng Shui in architectural drawings.


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Živilė Stasiūnė

Interior Architect
Fostering a holistic approach to space creation

I have learned in Lithuania and Spain and have bachelor and master degrees of architecture. I worked as an architect at a major construction company and later in an architectural studio. Gradually I was attracted to the interiors and now for more than 13 years I am creating unique residential and commercial space interiors, consult.

I’ve always seen that aesthetic and ergonomic solutions are not enough to create a coherent and sustainable space. I wanted to create spaces that would be alive, breathing, with a supportive atmosphere in which their hosts could grow and prosper, be healthy, develop harmonious relationships and feel inspired.

In search of answers, I studied subtle spatial development disciplines: spatial psychology, sacred geometry, Feng Shui principles and engaged in various spiritual practices. These experiences allow me to see the energy structures of the spaces and their surroundings and to use their potential creating not only beautiful and functional, but also harmonious spaces that help my clients to manifest their greatest aspirations.

Our living and working spaces are the reflections of our lives. When we are in harmony with the environment, everything goes smoothly, effortlessly, but when we lose a balance, we face barriers. The principles of Feng Shui help to create harmonious spaces that blend into the environment and goes with a flow with it. Spaces receive support from nature and opens up to the vital energy of prosperity.

While creating interiors I follow oriental philosophy of Zen and the aesthetics of Wabi Sabi. I value purified ideas, naturalness, integrity of functions, I respect the time and context. I allow the space to be the continuum of its environment and live in the same rhythm.

I am proud of long-term and reliable relations with my clients and values I brought to their spaces. I am also glad for time-tested and trusted partners who are making a creative team for each unique project: contractors, salons, talented manufacturers and other talented professionals from different fields.

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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